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Divine Essentials Has Face Mask Fundraiser

Divine Essentials constructed a Face Mask fundraiser beginning on February 22, 2021 and ending on March 22, 2021. The fundraiser was held in order to better secure items for the tutoring program. In order to help to keep using top of the line phonics programs, along with beginner digital math programs, Divine Essentials decided to have a face mask fundraiser to be able to purchase more tools to help with those beginning learners. Divine Essentials continues to make sure to give customers top notch service with the best technology tools available.

Divine Essentials was able to purchase a whole new phonics unit for pre-K- 2nd grade children that contains digital activities, slideshows, and many other necessities that these students need in order to become successful. Divine Essentials was also granted access to an instructional cartoon program where students learn about their letter sounds, rhyming words, and many other phonics level activities needed in order to secure success.

This was an important fundraiser for us and a great way for us to help the community stay safe by wearing masks when out in public. There were tons of cool face mask styles on the flyer and EVEN MORE styles to choose from in the web store! Thank you so much to all who made a contribution, and thank you to those who wanted to make a contribution, but could not. Thank you!

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