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Letter Recognition Games For Pre-Schoolers

Letters are the smallest unit of any language. Therefore, recognizing them is the first thing that schools include in their preschooler curriculum. All preschoolers and kindergarteners need to master letter recognition.

Sounding stressful? No worries! The good news is that they can acquire this skill by playing games on mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. Doesn’t it sound quite interesting? The use of emerging technologies in teaching activities and designing games is a hot topic; so, read on to know more about the popular online games for letter recognition available.

If you still are not convinced to use games for letter recognition, here are some research-based facts that tell you about the importance of gamification in teaching methods.

  1. Games intrigue kids and entice them to learn things without feeling bored

  2. The games allow kids to apply their learning

  3. Rewards like points, scores, and entry in hall of fame bring a sense of doing excellent; in the process, kids strive to be the best in whatever they do

  4. Games give a more tangible feel to the concepts they learn through books

  5. Engagement provided by graphics helps improve concentration.

I am sure you must have jumped on your seat by now and have started searching for such learning-based games online for preschoolers.

So, Listed here the best online letter recognition games you can allow kids to play and help them enrich their learning,

1. Letter Quest Online Game

While books offer only the option of reading the letter and relating them with a set of pictures, this game engages you way deeper. There is a 26 block letter grip on the top of the screen, and there are a number of letters or alphabets scattered or hidden in the objects. You turn the objects, pick the letters, and arrange them in the correct order in the grid.

This letter recognition online game is a perfect practice material. It offers you a pretext to learn alphabetical order apart from catching up with the recognition part. You can quicken the pace by setting time to challenge.

Game Link: Web App

2. Alphabet Space Photoshoot

Alphabet Space Photoshoot Game, with its attractive outer space backdrop, drives deep interest in children towards letter recognition activity. Instead of struggling with reading, they are identifying the letters with an interesting X-ray camera and marking their findings by matching with the floating alphabets. So, you are giving children a fun way of achieving hand-eye coordination as a bonus while helping them develop letter recognition abilities.

This online game for early learners give children an interesting introduction to upper case letters and helps them with a practice tool that enables them to show their alphabet skills. Full of motivational rewards and challenges, the game keeps the children engaged and more immersed in letter recognition offering a more interesting alternative to apply their learning of letter shape and sound.

Game Link: Web App

3. Monster Mansion – Letter Match

Matching becomes an easy thing to do when you have mastered the letter recognition process. Apart from the matching using the memory recall, this letter recognition game goes a step ahead and stimulates your mind to recall the uppercase version of the letter too.

There are multiple challenges in this online game like matching the letter of the same case, or matching uppercase with the lowercase option, making you a letter recognition expert through gaming. Also, you get to earn points and attain fluency by playing this game with the timer on.

Game Link: Web App

4. Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo touches various pain points of recognizing letters and turn them into your assets. This means, recognizing the letter by reading it is not the only difficulty that children face. They also need to deal with listening difficulties. This game helps you checking the proficiency in recognizing letters both by sight and sound.

The letter appears on the screen and is accompanied by the sound. You will employ phonics skills also to pick the letter from the option to complete Bingo. This animated game offers support for the learning of both uppercase and lowercase letters and allows you to internalize phonics too.

Game Link: Web App

5. ABC Puzzle Game

ABC puzzle game is not so difficult as it sounds by its name. A child is simply clicking on the jigsaw frame to find the hidden letter. When the letter comes out, you can speak it aloud. This game is mostly used by teachers to give extra practice to early learners of letter recognition activity. They click the letter puzzle for children and encourage them to sound out the letter as soon as it appears.

The self-learners can select the letter from the drop-down menu, too, to start the puzzle and recognize it the fastest possible. Thus, learning letters by sight is grasped in a sustainable manner with this online letter recognition game for preschoolers.

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