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Pricing will vary based on individual or group sessions.


Check out the Services Offered tab to see a list of different services, along with prices.  

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How much does Divine Essentials costs?
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Which areas does Divine Essentials serve?  
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Yes, we run specials from time to time. 

Does Divine Essentials offer discounts on services?

We send out invoices where you can make a payment through a debit or credit card.  

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How do clients make payments? 

We are an online based tutoring company.  We can take clients from anywhere.  We have had client interest from as far as California and Florida, and oven overseas.

What kind of training do your tutors have?  

Our tutors are the heart, soul, and true essence of who we are. Divine Essentials tutors are trained and certified Alabama teachers with almost a decade of teaching experience. Each tutor has her own unique expertise and understands the curriculum—ensuring your child will be more successful in the classroom. Our tutors also form a partnership with your child’s school and teacher, so you can feel assured that your child’s learning needs are being meet. Meet our tutors and discover what makes learning at Divine Essentials a magical experience.

How long do tutoring sessions run? 

Reading and Science Tutoring sessions are between 45-60 minutes, depending on the need of the student.


Math sessions are 35 minutes.   


What ages do you serve?

We serve ages pre-k-Graduate level courses in the areas of reading, math, and science.

What kind of tutoring is offered?

We focus on the areas of Reading, Science and Math.  Everyone is unique and learns in different ways.  At Divine Essentials, we cater to this distinctiveness through our programs. We give you options, so that anyone can learn in the manner that works best for them. Our tutoring includes individual sessions and group sessions.  Our group tutoring sessions are done in small groups of no more than 5-10 people.  If your child is struggling with scores and confidence and has gotten behind, we recommend an individual session. If your child needs more practice with a particular subject, or needs an extra boost or challenge, we recommend group sessions. No matter what your needs are, we at Divine Essentials will create a plan for you and your child to meet their goals. We at Divine Essentials are happy to work around your schedule. We offer sessions after school.  

Does Divine Essentials offer in-person sessions?  

In some cases, we may offer in person sessions; however, here at Divine Essentials Virtual Tutoring service, we believe that just as much (or more) can be accomplished through sessions online, rather than in person.  Online sessions are also convenient, because there is no commute.  

I want my child to have individualized tutoring sessions-can Divine Essentials provide that?

Unequivocally.  We believe that learning should not only be personal but also be a magical experience. Our tutors are more than traditional tutors.  They are teachers and interventionists.  They get to know each child and provide the positive support and motivation that leads to success, not only in the classroom but also beyond. We at Divine Essentials offer different kinds of tutoring including, individual sessions and group sessions. Our group tutoring sessions are done in small groups of no more than 5-10 children. Each child does get focused one-on-one attention during every session. He or she will then get time to work on the skills they need independently.

Does Divine Essentials work with the child’s teacher or school?

Yes– collaborating with your child’s classroom teacher plays a key role in the success of his or her learning. With your permission, our tutors can communicate with your child’s classroom teacher and partner with him or her on a regular basis. This ensures that the progress you see in our tutoring program is reflected in the classroom.

How many sessions will my child need?

Your child’s learning program is tailored to your child's needs, so how long he or she needs to get our services depends on the goals we have set together. We, along with the help of you and your child’s teacher identify exactly what your child’s needs are and make a plan that makes sense. We assess the progress your child makes at the end of each session and make adjustments as needed.

How do I know that my child needs a tutor?

There are some clear indicators that your child may need a tutor. If your child is receiving poor grades and test scores, struggling to focus on reading or homework, losing interest in learning, and developing low self-esteem, it is important to intervene early and seek out a reliable tutoring provider such as Divine Essentials.  A good personal tutor makes a tangible connection with students that inspires them and helps them to develop the skills and habits they need to succeed in and out of the classroom.

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