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Since the Divine Essentials Math Program opened, the program has grown and had great success with its students. Here are some of the things that Divine Essentials Math has accomplished in the short time that it has been open.

Tailored Math Curriculum

Divine Essentials Math uses research based diagnostic tests to tailor the sessions to each client's individual needs. These materials cover the areas of growth, acceleration standards and gaps in learning.

Incorporation of Digital Programs for Engagement and Achievement

Divine Essentials Math incorporates several web 2.0 tools to be sure each session is interactive and fun for the learner. These instructional technology tools are essential to learning and growth. Research has historically indicated strong correlations between student engagement and achievement. Divine Essentials Math ensures this is taken into account with every virtual lesson.

Communication is Key

Divine Essentials Math sends out a session itinerary to each parent/client each month, so that clients know exactly what will be covered in the session. The tutor also does monthly and weekly check-ins with parents on homework, progress reports, report cards etc.

Math ACT Prep through Divine Essentials

ACT Prep has been successful in helping students prepare for the ACT test. With access to over 2500 test questions, a number of prep videos, and over 5 official practice tests, there is no wonder why students feel confident before diving into the math portion of the ACT.

Divine Essentials Math Success

Since Divine Essentials Math started, many students that have gone through the program have been successful. Divine Essentials Math has helped many students struggling with online learning. Divine Essentials equips students with the tools they need in order to handle certain programs that school systems have used such as Edmentum, IXL, and many other educational platforms. Divine Essentials Math has bridged gaps in order for students to be successful on new math standards. Divine Essentials Math has also lifted the overall grade point averages of several students, as well as lifted failing grades in math to A's and B's.

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