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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Since the Divine Essentials Reading Program opened, the program has grown and had great success with its students. Here are some of the things that Divine Essentials Reading has accomplished in the short time that it has been open.

New Reading Curriculum

Divine Essentials Reading has a brand new reading curriculum, for those who are in need of help. Divine Essentials purchases digital materials for these readers based on their grade levels. These materials cover the areas of phonics, vocabulary, context clues, reading comprehension skills, and so much more!!!!!

Incorporation of Digital Programs

Divine Essentials Reading incorporates several digital programs to help those in need. These programs are aligned with the standards that need to be taught on each grade level. These programs cover the basics of phonics instruction, as well as, other areas such as main idea, theme, reading non-fiction texts, and so much more!!

Incorporation of Reading Diagnostics

Divine Essentials Reading incorporates a reading diagnostic to see where your child is vs. where they need to go. The diagnostic comes with tools that allow for you to see the areas that your child needs to work on, as well as uncover the reading level where your child may begin and finish. It comes with suggestions on what materials to cover, in order to get your child where they need to be. Parents also receive a pdf file with the scores, and areas of improvement.

Incorporation of Session Itineraries

Divine Essentials Reading sends out a session itinerary to each parent before each session, so that you know exactly what will be covered in the session. These itineraries also include links to digital notebooks, games, digital practice, and other important materials that can help you work with your child individually, on top of what they cover with a tutor.

Incorporation of Phonics Cartoons and Games to Keep Kids interested in Reading

Divine Essentials Reading incorporates phonics cartoons and games into some sessions, in order to hold the attention of kids. In one of the cartoons, students follow a gang of phonics experts to uncover clues, and learn word sounds, rhyming words, and phrases. The kids love these short 7 minute cartoons, and they learn so much, and are challenged to uncover words through phonetical clues.

Divine Essentials Reading- ACT Prep

Divine Essentials Reading- ACT Prep has been successful in helping students prepare for the ACT test. With access to over 2500 test questions, a number of prep videos, and over 5 official practice tests, there is no wonder why students feel confident before diving into the ACT.

Homework Help

Divine Essentials Reading offers some of the best homework help around. Not only does your child get individual sessions each week, your child is also held accountable throughout the week. I do check-ups through e-mail, text messages, and even do online conferences with teachers to make sure that your child is where they need to be in class.


Divine Essentials Reading makes sure to keep in constant communication with parents and students in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Parents receives updates, progress reports, and other materials in order to make sure their child is successful in the reading program.

Divine Essentials Reading Success

Since Divine Essentials Reading started, many students that have gone through the program have been successful. Divine Essentials Reading has helped more than one student graduate on time. Divine Essentials Reading has also lifted several struggling readers to near, at, or above reading level. Divine Essentials Reading has also lifted the overall grade point averages of several students, as well as lifted failing grades in English Language Arts to A's and B's.

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