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The Benefits of Online Tutoring Vs. In-Person Tutoring

With online tutoring rapidly gaining in popularity, many students wonder which type of tutoring would be best for them. While there are some benefits to in-person tutoring, online tutoring seems to be the better choice for a number of reasons. Check out why I would choose online tutoring over in-person tutoring! 6 Benefits of Online Tutoring

Schedule Flexibility

Students are busy people. Between balancing school work, extracurricular activities, job search (for co-ops or internships), part-time work, and hobbies, it’s not easy being a student. With so many responsibilities, it can be tough to find the time to fit in a few hours a week for some extra tutoring help. Being able to save on commute time and fitting in those much needed tutoring classes in busy schedules is one of the biggest benefits of online tutoring. Online tutoring offers students flexibility in their schedules and allows them to use their time most effectively. Convenience and Comfort

An important aspect of online tutoring is the convenience and comfort it offers to students. Students are able to choose the learning environment that works best for their needs which can lead to them feeling more empowered. With traditional face-to-face tutoring, the commute time alone can sometimes make it impractical for students.

With online tutoring, students can get the tutoring help they need in the comfort of their home without having to commute anywhere. Additionally, online tutoring offers students a private learning environment without the potential awkwardness of a face-to-face meeting that can be experienced when going into someone else’s private home for the first time. Save Time and Money

Being a student isn’t cheap. With tuition and the cost of attendance being as expensive as it is, being frugal as a student is now more important than ever. With in-person tutoring, students would typically have to commute to a certain location to meet their tutor which costs both time and money.

With online tutoring, students can save both time and money by not commuting at all and attending their tutoring session by simply turning their computer on. Since time and money are so scarce for students, saving just an hour in commuting or five to ten dollars in transportation can go a very long way. Availability

Since students are such busy people, being able to find tutors who are available at many times is essential. With offline tutoring, tutors and/or students have to commute somewhere to have their session, reducing the available session times.

A commute of an hour might not seem like a lot but that hour could potentially be the only hour that matches the schedules of the tutor and the student. With online tutoring, the availabilities of both parties are widened and allows for more tutoring timeslots and therefore, increased flexibility. Technology

Because of how significant technology is in our lives and society, students nowadays are familiar with an online world and therefore, all of the technology associated with online lessons and learning. Students are no longer limited to just pen and paper and instead are able to use modern technologies to enhance their learning and make the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable.

During lessons, students are able to learn and understand topics in a more dynamic way than just pen and paper or a chalkboard. Photos, animations, drawings, and diagrams can all be easily integrated into online lessons to help explain topics in multiple ways to make sure that students truly understand those topics from different perspectives instead of just memorizing them.

After a lesson, students can have access to recordings and a chat history of their lesson in case they didn’t fully understand a certain topic or if they missed something, ensuring that they soak in everything that was taught in any lesson. Merit over Scarcity

When looking for in-person tutors, you’re limited to only the tutors in your local area. This significantly reduces the options you have which is then likely to reduce the potential quality of your chosen tutor.

With more tutors and increased competition, you’re able to evaluate tutors based on merit and experience over scarcity. When looking for online tutors, you have thousands of tutors at your fingertips and you can pick and choose based on what you value the most (price, experience, etc.), instead of being limited to your local area.

At Divine Essentials Virtual Tutoring Service, I work alongside extremely intelligent tutors who have incredible teaching experiences, modern teaching methods, and detailed testimonials that paint a vivid picture of how we help students improve their grades. Online Tutoring Quick Facts

1) In a study by The Learning House, 44% of online students reported improvements in their employment standing, for example by obtaining a full-time job within 12 months of graduation, and 45% reported a salary increase. 2) According to research pertaining to transformations in the online education system, almost 33% of students pursuing higher education in the USA are taking online courses of their respective interests. 3) In 2011, a group of researchers from various universities across the USA used online tutoring to assess how college algebra students could improve their grades in the field. They analyzed gains achieved by students over time. What they found was that students who frequently used online tutoring made significantly greater gains (gains are measured by their test scores) than those who didn’t have access.

Traditional Tutoring Weaknesses

1. Commuting

For traditional in-person tutoring to occur, one of the parties needs to travel. It that is the tutor, this will likely mean higher expenses to cover travel costs. It can also limit the amount and nature of teaching aids and materials that a tutor can use since they would need to transport them to your home.

If that is the child who commutes, this would require their parent or another adult to drive or walk them to the location where tutoring takes place, which can be inconvenient, impractical and stressful and limit tutoring times and options.

2. Costs

One of the primary reasons why many people choose not to go for private tutoring is its costs. When it comes to traditional in-person tutoring, it is usually more expensive than some other online options.

This is because it requires covering different expenses such as transportation if you hire a tutor who comes to your home. If you go to a learning center, then their owners would need to cover overhead costs which would include utilities, purchase of new materials, and more.

At the end of the day, the decision to choose between online or in-person tutoring comes down to how efficient students want to be with their time and money while keeping teaching quality in mind.

Students who choose online tutoring not only save time and money but they also experience an improvement in the quality of teaching due to the technological benefits and dynamic teaching methods that online tutoring (recordings, chat history, visuals, graphs, etc.) has to offer.

If you're interested in finding out how we can help students develop a passion for math, reading, and the sciences, feel free to schedule a free consultation.

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